Is Saturation Stopping You From Doing What You Want? How To Stand Out In A So Called Saturated Space?

June 9, 2019

It is always true that whenever one plans to start something, a bit of research is required in order to understand the area or field you are getting into. Which is essential, thus leading to the discovery of other people working on something similar as what you are planning to do. Which might lead to the conclusion that, that particular area might be too saturated to invest time into thus deciding against working towards executing that plan.

Yet, it shouldn’t be the case at all. As we all know, no business idea is ever an original idea (so keep that in mind). So how does one gets to deal with this type of fear. Here are a few tips you can consider once you are faced with this particular situation.

  1. Don’t think too much about the space being saturated and all, but rather focus more on sharpening your idea and getting your ideas ready. Invest more time towards research so that you can identify a space that’s not overly done.
  2. Find your niche, with research you can identify a space that is suitable for your needs. But this requires a lot of understanding; understanding yourself which assists in identifying a niche that could work for you.
  3. Be true to who you are; your personality, strengths and weaknesses (this will definitely make you stand out from everyone else). This would prevent you from being swayed into trying to be someone you are not, which can be difficult to maintain over a long haul. So, be yourself.
  4. Stop comparing yourself or your business ideas. The growth of social media has contributed tremendously towards comparison. Once one starts comparing themselves to others, it becomes easier to lose who you are, who you want to be and where you are going. I know how easy it is to find yourself in that trap, but we are different and we have different paths (as cliche as that mind sound but it is true). So, focus on what you want, focus more on yourself.
  5. Lastly, be patient; with yourself and your plans. Work hard on them, execute them properly and just let them manifest on their own. The book by Elizabeth Gilbert called Big Magic talks about the importance of not treating our ideas like our babies. Because no parent wants their child to be criticized so it becomes very difficult to take opinions from others. Do not be over protective of your ideas, allow yourself to learn and grow. So, let the world see your ideas and allow constructive criticism so that you can grow. Growth is essential and we need to invest towards it, I recently talked about growth in this post here.

That is it for today, I’d like to know your thoughts on this topic. I think this should be a thing now, where we just dedicate Sundays towards lifestyle related content. If you have anything, you’d like me to talk about in this section, let me know.

Please do share your tips on dealing with the fear of saturation.

Happy Sunday

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