How I Plan Effectively For a Productive Week

March 31, 2019

Happy Sunday, last Sunday of the month of March. The year is going by so quickly it’s ridiculous. I swear it feels like it was yesterday when we celebrated New Years. But anyways, I hope that the month was productive for you. I feel like if I have everything planned out for the upcoming week, I tend to get a lot of things done and it motivates me to work on other things. I’ve been trying this for a few weeks and it’s been working for me and I don’t feel overwhelmed by the things I want to do thus I want to share it with you.

Reflection – reflection is important in everything because it allows one to learn from experiences and learn to understand things and oneself. We tend to forget about what happened during the week, how we felt and reacted to things. This plays a huge role in planning i.e. if you tend to feel tired around 3 pm you know it’s best to schedule the bulk of your work prior that time. So if you assess your patterns towards situations it’s easier to plan ahead for a productive week.

To do lists –most of us create to do lists on a daily basis and the main aim is for those to do lists to add to a bigger goal for that particular week. Example: if you have a big presentation on Friday, and you need to work towards that, thus your to do lists will consists of small tasks leading to the completing of the presentation and allows you to be ready for that presentation. To do lists can be overwhelming at least for me and I try to have at least 3 or 4 for a day and that allows me to finish those and not end up being stressed about not accomplishing all task if I have more than that.

Planning outfits – This might seem like a small thing but I feel like it works perfectly and it allows you to wear some of the clothes you don’t tend to gravitate towards. I don’t know if it’s just me, but if I don’t plan for my outfits I pick up one thing every day, jean and t-shirt. So now I take like 30 minutes every Sunday to plan outfits for the week and this allows me to know things that are missing in my wardrobe, be able to create variety on my outfits. I won’t spend money trying to add same things to my wardrobe.

Gym/exercise – If you exercise its best to have an idea of when you plan to go exercise, for how long, and what you’ll be doing. I did not believe this at first but when you don’t know what you want to do at the gym you get confused, don’t push yourself because you don’t have a plan and its easier to just leave within 30 minutes. So now I plan the number of days I’ll exercise, exercises I will be focusing on and the time I will be spending. This is great if you go to the gym and maybe run outside, so you have everything planned out and it makes it easier to do it.  

Plan for your playlists as well especially when you listen to audio-books or podcasts. Prepare them beforehand.

Food – let’s be honest, eating healthy requires a lot of dedication, so planning ahead allows you to be on track. I am still trying to work towards this one. Bu what I do is, I make sure I have everything I’ll need for the meals I want to prepare for that week. Even if I don’t cook all of them at once but I have everything I need.

Being realistic with my time- There is something about us human beings that makes us be terribly unrealistic with our time. A long 10, 20, 25 point to-do list is not going to be completed in a day. Even if the tasks are short you’ll end up going off task, or being distracted by one that’s taken you longer than expected. So chop your list down, factor in plenty of time for each task and if you think that it’s going to be a long one then make sure that your schedule reflects that. Quality over quantity and all that. If you feel like you keep falling into this trap then use one working week to time each task that you do, note down the results and use this when you’re making your plan for the following week.


That is it for today’s post hope it was insightful. Wishing you all the best for the upcoming week and month. 

I’d like to know how you prepare for a productive week.

Until next time.


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