Change is good, just embrace it.

February 17, 2019

We often think that change in bad, which is not the case. Everything in life undergoes changes and with that it shouldn’t be difficult for us to understand changes in ourselves or those around us.

Change is something we don’t need to fear at all because we need it and it exposes us to different things in life. Fear makes us reject change even if it’s something better because we fear the unknown.

Let’s face it embracing change is no fun.

Here are some reasons why embracing change can be good for you.

  1. Teaches us to grow – in life we never stop learning. Life always presents lessons that we need to learn no matter where we are. With those lessons we are forced to adapt to situations we have never experienced before, thus allowing growth and development. With that growth, we experience strengths we’ve never thought were possible in our lives.
  2. Allows us to break routines – it takes a lot to break or create a routine. When something changes in our lives we need to learn to adapt to that change by shaping our routines to suite that change and work accordingly.
  3. Makes us compassionate – when you are in your comfort zone, it is difficult to understand what others might be going though. So change teaches us to be considerate of other people’s choices.
  4. Offers opportunities – to go somewhere you have never been, you must do something you’ve never done. These opportunities can lead to our potential or to the realisation of our dreams.

That is it for today, let us remind ourselves that change is a part of life which would make it easier for us to embrace whatever change life presents to us.

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