My 2019 Hair Routine

February 11, 2019

I don’t think I’ve posted anything that has to do with my hair routine, maybe I’ve just mentioned it in passing but not in details. And, after sharing my “2019 natural hair goals“, I’ve been receiving questions about products to use. Thus, I decided to share my hair routine and maybe from that you can have a gist of what I use on my hair and maybe answer some of the questions you might have regarding anything I do to my hair, which is not much at all. I will break it down into two parts;

  • What I do bi-weekly and
  • What I do daily.

Bi-Weekly – Wash Day

I currently wash my hair every second week, meaning in a month I wash my hair twice. I alternate between shampooing and co-washing. I noticed that the more I used shampoo, my hair tends to dry out a lot, and thus I decided to alternate my wash days. If I shampoo my hair this week, the following wash day (after 2 weeks) I only use conditioner to wash my hair. In terms of the shampoo I use, let’s just say I don’t have a specific shampoo I try out a lot of products so it’s difficult for me to say this is the shampoo I use. But when I started my natural hair journey, I used Invigorating shampoo by ORS. But I believe that in order to know your hair, its okay to experiment. The same goes for a conditioner, I use anything I can get my hands to especially when it’s cheap lol. I’ve been religiously using Cantu products for the past year, which is the leave-in-conditioner I use after every wash. When it comes to oils I just use any I have at my disposal. I bought a few oils which have lasted me for the past few years.  I don’t hair dry my hair at all because it could lead to heat damage thus I let it air dry.

To prepare my hair for styling purposes that I can maintain during the week I use Cantu moisturizing curl activator cream (but I use anything with the main purpose of styling). I do braid outs or twist outs after applying the cream, which I only use maybe once or twice a week if I’m not lazy. Let’s face it though, nobody wants to braid/twist hair every night because it’s the pulling that also adds to our hair thinning. Thus this year I am trying to do these less.


I trying to get to a habit of taking care of my hair this as you might have seen from 2019 goals. So on a daily basis, I spray my hair line with water or water infused with leave-in-conditioner and oils. I let the water penetrate for a minute then use t444z on my hairline, which has been working well for me (I posted my review here). I do this in the morning and evening. If I notice that my hair is in need of some products to revitalize the braid-outs, I do the LOC method, whereby I spray my hair with water, oil and cream. This only happens once or twice a week. I’ve good at taking care of my hair and now its not that dry.

This routine might change in winter to adapt to the dryer season but the most important thing is to know what my hair requires at a certain point in time. I haven’t been doing any protective styling in the past few year but this will change this winter.

That’s it for my routine, I hoped you picked up something you can add to your routine and maybe it has answered some questions to a certain degree. If not, we can still have a discussion in the comments section or send a direct message to my email address which can be found on the contact page here or send a direct message to any of my social medias.

What’s your current routine? Does it change over time?

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