2019 Natural Hair Goals

February 1, 2019

Hi there friends,

it’s been a very long time since I posted something regarding natural hair. I’ve been so lazy the past few months, I think that needs to change ASAP lol.

Apart from that, this year I only posted one post as January is always dedicated for something else and I rarely ever get time to write something. But now I am back and things will be going back to normal. From now onwards I will be posting as often as possible.

Hair can be a bit frustrating at times, especially when you have natural hair. One can tell if someone is not taking care of their hair, it just shows which is kinda annoying because it’s something you cannot just get away with easily. Natural hair requires attention if you aim to maintain healthy hair. Yet the challenge arises when you are lazy like I am, with that I’ve been noticing a lot of changes I don’t actually like (which is frustrating). My hair hasn’t been healthy for quite sometime now and I wanna change that, with dedication I know I can change that. Without me ranting or rambling on any further, here are my 2019 hair goals:

  • LOC Method – the texture of my hair has changed quite a bit. It’s becoming dryer and dryer which makes it harder for me to style it. This is because it lacks water. I’ve been neglecting this method for a while now but it’s important for my hair to get enough water for it to grow. After spraying with water I need to use oil and then cream to seal everything. I think I need to try and do this as often as possible.
  • Scalp – this part I forget every time thus leading to dry and itchy scalp. So to maintain a healthy scalp, I plan to massage 2-3 times a week which might also help in hair growth.
  • Hairline – I’ve been struggling with my hairline for a while now. At some point last year, I was so consistent at using t444z which helped a lot but then I slowly stopped. I want to start using it again consistently in conjunction with castor oil. I plan to do this on a daily basis for 3 months or so.
  • Growth – this is something that would be a plus or bonus to the above mentioned. If I can consistently maintain my hair on a healthy state, it would result in hair growth. I don’t tend to plait my hair often but I’d like to do protective styles this winter.

These are not much but requires a lot of discipline and consistency. Yet from someone like me it would require a lot of discipline but I know it’s possible.

Do you have any hair related goals for the year? Please do share some in the comments section, I’d like to know.

Until next time lovelies

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