Hello, 2019.

January 9, 2019


Oh Hey 2019…

I know I am a bit late with this post but better late than never lol. I was planning to write last week but I did not had connection challenges at home. Anyways, Happy 2019; I hope you all had a great start. For me it was a great start indeed and I pray that 2019 brings you more happiness, love, growth and health.

Looking at 2018, I am still amazed at how fast the year went by. I took a bit of time towards the end of the year to reflect on the goals I had for the year. The main goal/theme for me in 2018 was GROWTH, I might have not accomplished it in all the areas I had but the most important ones were accomplished. My reflection allowed me to identify some of things I wanted to change in the way I address some of my goals this year. Reflection allowed me to start 2019 with a clear mind, positive attitude and a fire in my belly I hadn’t felt for a long long time. 

I still want to continue growing in every aspect of my life.

In terms of reading, I decided not to set any reading challenges this year (I just don’t want to put that much pressure on myself). 2018 was a good reading month for me, I read across different genres and more local books. I think my goodreads challenge was 60 books and I completed the challenge around the 30th of December.

If you have any goals for the year, I wish you all the best and may 2019 be your best year.

2019, it’s time.

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