Mauritius: Through My Lens [Travel Diaries]

December 12, 2018

Traveling is something I love a lot and I’d like to travel a lot in my life because I think the world is big and therefore I’d like to see and experience other cultures. I think a lot about moving to another country just for 3-6 months but that is possible and I trust that God will make a way for that to be possible. I shared my travel bucket list and you can check it out here

When I envisage a luxury holiday in paradise, my mind instantly gravitates towards the beautiful beaches and the clear water. And boy was I right, the first thing you see upon landing is beauty of the water, its the perfect blue ever. When I was a younger I used to imagine myself going to the island for my honeymoon lol. Yes, I thought I’d get married at the age of 25 lol and now I’m 27. Don’t judge me please, because I used to think that 25 was far away from where I was at that time and I’d have everything figured out by that time.

I’m glad I got to experience Mauritius for myself not have it tied to an occasion as a honeymoon. I guess now I need to come up with another location for my honeymoon lool. 

Even though I went there for work, I made sure that I made time to go explore for a few hours and I was there for 2 full days thus I had limited time. 

My home for those 3 days was at Holiday inn which is 5 minutes away from the airport. My view was the beautiful mountains and the airport. 

Blue Bay

Mission for day one was to go see the amazing beach and just spend a few hours in. And lets just say that it was amazing, it was a bit rocky but beautiful nonetheless. It was peaceful and private but I am sad that I ended up not tasting coconut water.

Blue Bay

Blue Bay

Day one was amazing. For day 2, we got someone to drive us around so that we could see the nearest town (Rose Belle). The driver drove us around and we stopped at the middle of nowhere to take pictures and he was so friendly. When we passed by the to town, he greeted everyone which was so cool. 

Bois Cheri Road
Bassin Blanc

On another note lets talk about the roads, they are are well maintained, no pavements available and the rounds are just a snake (sharp curve every after 2 seconds). This is the worst at the central part of the island because at the south side it was not that bad. We went to see the temple and it was amazing. The place was beautiful and we saw two big statues along the road which i believe was the king and queen. The art that went through these statues was mind blowing and the  detail that went through the statues was just something else. 

108 feet Durga Maa

We then drove to a park where we walked a lot, we literally went hiking lol. but we managed to see a volcanic area it was beautiful but at that point i was too tired to walk down to see details i just watched from the top. This was the last thing we did and it was getting late as our driver was knocking off at 5, thus he had to take us back and it was a long drive back to the hotel. but what I noticed was that from the town it’s easier to learn about the culture and history behind the island (just from the buildings).

La Vallee Des Couleurs Nature Park
Chamouny, Savanne District

When we got back from the hotel, we decided to play table tennis at the hotel. This was another amazing thing about the hotel, there were so many games available for us to play.

For the last morning in Mauritius, I decided to watch the sunrise. There is something therapeutic about watching the sunrise or set. And I am glad I managed to do that on my last day so that I can end the trip peacefully.

This was actually the best time of the year. I know I had a few hours to utilise but I think I saw a lot in those hours. I know there are so many things I did not see but one day I will go back and spend a few days where I could see the whole island.

That is it for my first travel chronicles on here. The next one would be my recollection of a trip I took to Thailand. Please do leave a comment below.

Until next time.

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  1. I loved seeing the island through your eyes. Beautiful pictures. I also can’t wait to travel and see the world!

    • Sthemblm says:

      Thank you. I think the best thing is to start with whats possible for you now then take it from there. The world is there for us to see but its expensive lool.

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