The Break Line [Non-Spoiler Review]

November 12, 2018

Book Details

Title: The Break Line || Author: James Brabazon || Genre: Thriller, Suspense, Spy fiction, Adventure fiction || Published: August 2018 || Imprint: Random House UK || Publicist: Lauren Mc Diarmid|| Pages: 374


Officially, Max McLean doesn’t exist. The British government denies all knowledge of the work he does on their behalf to keep us safe. But Max and his masters are losing faith in each other. And they’ve given him one last chance to prove he’s still their man. Sent to a military research facility to meet a former comrade-in-arms, Max finds the bravest man he ever knew locked up for his own protection. His friend lost his mind during an operation in West Africa. The reason? Absolute mortal terror.

Max is determined to find out why.

Ahead lies a perilous, breathtaking mission into the unknown that will call into question everything that Max once believed in. Acting alone, without back-up, Max lands in Sierra Leone with his friend’s last words ringing in his ears: ‘They’re coming, Max. They’re coming . . .’

The Break Line is a debut dripping with authenticity and menace. Smart, unputdownable and packed with irresistible set pieces and jaw-dropping plot twists, this is a thriller like no other.

My Thoughts 

The break line is a gripping read with a lot of violence which is expected from the genre.James did an awesome job addressing themes like duty versus conscience, loyalty versus betrayal. 

The writing style is pretty good and the book is fast paced and from the writing it is clear that a lot of research was invested for this book. Its crafted beautifully and you understand every aspect of the story. 

I really enjoyed following the main character Max, you get to understand him throughout the book, feel for him and wonder how he’s going to handle himself in all the challenges he has to go through.

With regards to the plot twist I think the author did an amazing job bringing everything to life. If you are into thrillers, i’d recommend you check this book out and I assure you that you will be gripped throughout the book.


4 out of 5

That is it for today’s review, thank you Penguin Random House SA for sending me a review copy. 

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Until next time, lets keep reading.

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