Girl in the window by Penny Joelson [Spoiler-free review]

September 29, 2018

Today we have another book review, I was sent by Penguin Random House SA part of the books released this month. If you’re looking for a recent release check it out.

Book Details

Title: Girl in the window || Author: Penny Joelson || Genre: YA thriller || Publisher: Egmont || Publicist: Lorienne Brown|| Distributor: Penguin Random House South || Published: September 2018 || Pages: 288


Nothing ever happens on Kasia’s street. And Kasia would know, because her illness makes her spend days stuck at home, watching the world from her bedroom window. So when she sees what looks like a kidnapping, she’s not sure whether she can believe her own eyes . . .

There was a girl in the window opposite – did she see something too? But when Kasia goes to find her she is told the most shocking thing of all.

There is no girl. 

My Thoughts

This book is written amazingly, and I think its good for the audience. I loved the fact that the writing/font changes when we are not reading from the protagonist point of view, which really differentiates the characters. 

The book addresses a chronic disease and I think the author did an amazing job with describing it. Its always amazing when an author is writing from experience, you actually get to feel that they are writing from experience and not just research. I think the characters are portrayed in a relatable way especially when it comes to the supporting characters understanding that the main character suffers from a chronic disease.

The book also addresses issues of human trafficking and this was introduced perfectly with the audience in mind. Without going into a lot of details at first.

Overall it was a good book, I’d really recommend it if you are looking for a fast-paced read.


Those were my thoughts on this book and thank you again to the Penguin Random House SA for this copy, I really enjoyed it.

I saw that its based on a movie called “Unrest” released in 2017 and I just want to watch it. If you’ve watched it, please do let me know your thoughts.

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Until next time, lets keep reading.

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