3 Things I Do In The Morning For A Super Productive Day

September 27, 2018

“If you win the morning, you win the day.”

Creating a routine for yourself is good, it forces your body to know what it needs to do at a certain point in time. But I’m a strong believer that routines must be changed as often as you want to. I tend to get bored easily when I do the same thing for a long period of time, as I sure most of us do. Last year I read a book “The Miracle Morning“, which motivated me to start my own routine. Basically the author talks about the importance of the first hour of waking up, He identified five habits you can do when you wake up to in-order to have a productive day called S.A.V.E.R.S. This can be modified based on your needs. I learnt a lot from this book and I started my own routine to suite my needs. 

Thus today I decided to share 3 things I do in the morning to ensure that I have a productive day.

I rarely snooze my alarm

This is one challenge we all come across at a certain point, especially in winter its a bit easier to hit snooze than to wake up. To ensure this does not happen a lot, I make sure that I sleep at the right time to cover the amount of hours I want to sleep. This is not really difficult for me as I’m used to waking up early but sometimes I just don’t want to. With this I make sure I listen to my body as well, If I did not sleep perfectly, I’ll have to compensate for that as this might be a challenge during the day and I don’t want that.

For this, I think you just need to find a solution that works for you.

I don’t use my phone during the 1st hour of waking up

Its easier to fall on the trap of checking your social media in the morning which then leads to you scrolling for more than you anticipated. My data/WiFi is always turned off, so when I wake up I don’t even switch it on because the moment those notifications start appearing, you’ll be tempted to check them. Once I finish whatever I planned for that day, I can switch it on (which is usually the time I’m preparing to leave for work).

I try to plan for the day 

I’m still struggling with this one, but I try to plan for the first thing I need to do when I wake up or the first hour of waking up. For example, if I plan to go to the gym I make sure all my gym clothes are sorted so that I don’t waste time trying to find things. If i plan to work on something, I should know before I go to sleep, which project I’d be working on. This makes things easier and keeps me organized (hope you get the gist). 

That is it for today, I hope this motivates you to start your own morning routine. Find what works for you and stick to that. These are the main things that I do in most mornings to make sure I have a productive day.

I’d like to know some of the things you do to ensure a productive day.

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Until next time, lets keep reading.

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