Where My Love for Reading Began

September 24, 2018

Happy Heritage Day to my South African readers, hope it was a great one. Mine was perfect but it was scorching hoooot. Anyways, today I decided to share how my love for reading began.

It started when I was in primary but then I was not really paying much attention to it as I couldn’t afford to buy books. So I’d read my textbooks and any other book I could find at home which belonged to my older siblings. But then, I struggled understanding as I was still young.

When I went to high school, I was taking an English Literature class and that is when my love of reading truly kicked off. I knew that I wanted my own book collection. We did short stories, poetry and classics the usual. One book that I got me in into reading was Animal Farm by George Orwell, strange hey, I know.

It was part of my reading class and I had a challenge understanding the book at first. But then I challenged myself to read it until I could understand it and analyse it for class. I enjoyed that book a lot and luckily enough my dad had a copy at home so I re-read it a couple of times when I was still staying at home.

Growing up in a rural area was a challenge because we did not have any libraries where I could borrow books. 

When I went to University, I was so pre-occupied with my studies and I did not read anything at all. I only started reading in 2014 when I started working towards building my collection. But then in 2015, I got so busy with school and I had to stop. I only started reading again in 2016 and I decided to read as often as possible even when I was busy (maybe 10 pages a day) because I wanted to nurture my love for reading. I also started sharing the books I was reading on Instagram.

Towards the end of the year 2016 I decided to start a blog where I share my thoughts about the books I read which was launched in 2017. Whilst I read primarily for my own enjoyment, the thought of having book reviews to write keeps me reading, and I find myself trying to read a wider variety of books and genres so that my blog is more diverse. Also being part of the book blogging world means a higher level of exposure to book recommendations, and I often find myself reading other blogger’s reviews of books and wanting to rush out and buy them. I’ve learnt a lot about myself and my taste when it comes to books.

So there you go. I know the book that got me into reading is not hyped as much as Harry Potter lol and I’m still on a look out for my copy of Animal Farm. But I’d like to get a box-set of all his books.

I’d really love to know where your love for reading began!

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Until next time, lets keep reading,

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