Almost Halfway Through “the prison letters of nelson mandela” [mini-review]

September 19, 2018

This is one of July’s releases I was so pumped about and the guys at Penguin Random House SA were kind enough to send a copy my way. I’ve been reading it for the past few weeks and I decided to take my time with it. I decided to share my thoughts so far as it might take me a bit longer to actually finish the book a do a full review. So yeah today is a mini-review of my thoughts thus far.

This has been such a roller coaster read for me. The fact that you get to read through each letter its like you understand the emotions that Nelson Mandela went through when he was writing these letters. We as readers get to be in his head at the time he was writing the letters which is amazing. Taking into consideration all the things he had to endure i.e. not being able to go and bury his mother and son.

In these letters we get see the amount of love he had for his family, colleagues, wife and kids. The most painful letters for me thus far, are the ones meant for his children especially during the time when Winnie was arrested. They broke me into pieces.

I love the formatting of the book, as you can also see the letters, see the initial scanned letter written in ink and translations have been included.

References in terms of footnotes have been included for the names mentioned in each page. This defines the relationship that particular person had with Mandela. This also includes definitions of native words used for each page, making it easier for those who are not Xhosa’s.

As this is a 600 page book, I decided to take my time with it and just enjoy. I am really enjoying it so far and would recommend in to everyone.

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