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September 5, 2018


I’ve always loved gardening from an early age and it was great that I went to a school where agriculture was part of the courses. I ended up learning a lot about plants which just added more to my love for plants. I talk more about this here and here. The first plant my mom allowed me to have when I was young became huge and my mom was like no you need to cut that because she was afraid of snakes because of the area we lived in. 

The second plant I had was an avocado plant which I propagated and it grew up a lot to a point when it was nearing the stage of bearing fruits but then a fire happened and it was destroyed. I had to move from home to university where I couldn’t have plants. Fast forward to last year when I decided that 2018 was the year to try out my green thumb, so here we are today.

I don’t own a lot of plants because I don’t have my own space as yet.

Without any further ado, lets get to it.

Snake Plant/ Sansevieria trifasciata

I got this from someone else who did not want to look after it. This is my first plant, I’ve always adored this type of plant, so here we are. Don’t mind the vase, I’ll get a new one soon or paint this one.

Unknown Plant

I got this one from Woolworths.

Monstera deliciosa

I’ve been eyeing this for quite some time and I finally found a place online called Plantify. The service was so great and I am planning to buy more plants from them soon. I feel like this is another plant that is good for new moms.

I also have another one.

Last one is a propagation I’m making of the snake plant and its only been a few weeks I am hoping its going to hold up fine.

That is it for my plants tour, please do share some tips as I mentioned I’m a new plant mom. The next ones I’d like to get are the fiddle-fig leaf and zz plant.

I have names for all my plants, I am not sure if that’s weird or what lol. Do you name your plants? Which one is your favourite, I’d like to know.

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