How Far I am with My 2018 Bucket List

September 1, 2018

Happy Spring Day,

The year has gone past so fast and I cannot believe we are almost towards the end of the year. At the beginning of the year I wrote a post listing a few items that are on my bucket list for 2018, you can check out my list hereToday I decided to post a review about what has been happening with photography (which was part of the list).

I love photography and I’ve been planning to learn for quite sometime now and the challenge was the fact that I did not own a camera. This year I planned to get my camera, but cameras are expensive. I shopped around for a few months and I got a second hand camera which I couldn’t afford at the time, so I continued shopping until I got my entry-level DSLR which I was so excited about. But another issue was for me to learn to use the camera, which is not a problem at all. The main difficulty was understanding the use of ISO, APERTURE and SHUTTER SPEED. These were foreign terms for me and I had to understand them. Not to say now I understand perfectly, I believe that practice makes perfect, I’ll continue taking pictures until I get good at it. 

I am interested in doing different types of photography and I’ll take everything as it comes. I decided to share some of the photos I’ve taken thus far and you can also check my portfolio over here. I’d be sharing more pictures as I continue the learning process.

That is it for today, I’d like to know your feedback and how far are you with whatever is in your bucket list for this year.

You can also follow my photography account here.

Until next time,

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2 responses to “How Far I am with My 2018 Bucket List”

  1. Nonhlanhla mbotini says:

    To learn more or should I say better your skill on photography you could attend instameets, its always a fun way to learn. Photographers meeting and snapping away while also learning from each other.

    Your pictures are beautiful 👌

    • Sthemblm says:

      Thank you. I’ve been thinking about that but I guess I need to find one that’s closer to me, I’d really love to attend.

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