Frustrations I have with my natural hair

August 12, 2018

Today I decided to share some of the struggles I encounter with my hair. These have changed a lot but I have those that have been consistent for the past 4 years since I decided to stop relaxing. Its been 4 years (whaatt!!) time goes by quickly, I can still remember the day I decided to cut my hair. I am still glad of my decision, I’ve learned a lot thus far.

So lets get to it.


I have a lot of baby hairs naturally and I don’t really mind that but over the years I started noticing my receding hairline and its actually frustrating. Last year I did a lot of hairstyles that required for my hair to be pulled back a lot and my hair took a lot of strain from that. I didn’t notice much of my hairline because I was just happy that my hair can now go up to a ponytail lol. I did a braids often and straight back/up once in a while. With that my hairline has been receding for a while.

With that I decided that this year, I won’t braid my hair as often and I’d let it be, without pulling it up for up do’s and stuff. I’ve been noticing a bit of change for the past couple of months. Which leads to the next challenge.


With me literally not doing anything to my hair, I find it challenging to style my hair. I don’t really know which styles I should go for. The past 2 months I’ve been finger combing and leaving my hair be for the whole week. But I want to do more styles but don’t wanna jeopardize my hairline (I guess I should do more research and find more hairstyles). This has led to a bit of insecurities, which I think most people go through in their journey. I am loving my hair I just need to find other ways I can wear it during office hours and events.


The last challenge is dryness especially in winter. I think this is a minor challenge as I think I just need to build a proper relationship with my hair so that I can create a routine that works properly for me. I think I did a good job this winter, its not as dry as it used to be in past years.

Those were my challenges, I’d like to know yours as well or any recommendations you have for the ones I’ve mentioned so that we can help each other.

Until next time,

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4 responses to “Frustrations I have with my natural hair”

  1. Thandeka says:

    Natural hair, neh! The struggle. But it’s also an exciting journey, you know… Mine is very coarse so it just swallows up moisture. I moisturize twice daily to soften it and make sure it doesn’t break. I avoid braids because they aren’t very good for the hairline. I am a wig girl. It really helps I must say because I can keep my routine of moisturizing twice daily with the wig. And I can wash my hair more often. I am still trying to figure out this natural hair thing, slowly but surely.

    • Sthemblm says:

      Yeah the struggle is real with natural hair. You get to learn a lot of patience and how to create a proper relationship with your hair. I wish I can overcome my fear of wigs and get one, its tough lol. You never stop learning. All the best though.

  2. Angel Chauke says:


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