July Faves || Two natural hair products I’ve been loving this past few months

July 28, 2018

Hey Hey, we have another natural hair related post, yeahhh. Its been a long time I know, sorry guys but I promise to do these often now, maybe once a month or so. I’ve seen a few monthly favorites videos on YouTube and I liked the idea. Thus I decided to do something similar. Without any further ado, lets get to it.

Hair Milk Curl-Defining Moisture Mask by Carol’s Daughter

Usually I use conditioner on my hair two times a month. I’ve been using the same conditioner for the past year or so and I decided to try something else. I went to clicks and I got this one and I must admit that I’ve been eyeing products from Carol’s daughter for quite sometime now. But anyways, I got it and I’ve been using it ever since.

How I use it:

After shampooing my hair, I apply a generous amount and put my hair into 4 chunky twists, put on a shower cap and leave it in for about 40-45 minutes. Its not necessarily a requirement of sorts lol you can do 5-10 minutes, I just prefer to let it penetrate for a longer period of time.

The pros

  • The scent is lovely.
  • The consistency is perfect making it easier to distribute and apply to your hair.
  • It deeply moisturizes, adds softness, prevents frizz, and gives great definition to your curls.
  • It is for all curl types, so don’t be intimidated.
  • It does not have parabens, petroleum, mineral oil and artificial colors.

The cons

  • Its pricey. I had to save first (It retails for R300 at Clicks).

Overall, I do recommend it.

Moisturizing Curl Activator Cream by Cantu Shea Moisture

I feel like you can never go wrong with Cantu products I just love them. I’ve always wanted that definition in my curls but didn’t know how to achieve that lol. I decided to take some time and look for a curling cream and I got this one. Its not the first curling cream I’ve used, I bought another one a few months ago but I am a bit weary to use it because it leaves white residue on my hair (or maybe I’ve been using it wrong, who knows lol). But I am not giving up on it , I’m still gonna try and see how I can make it work. But I digress.

How I use it:

  • Firstly, I spray my hair with my Daily Spritz  and section my hair into desirable sections,, apply a generous amount of the product and twist. I continue with this process until I’ve twisted all my hair, which I must say doesn’t take that long.

The pros

  • The definition when I use this is amazing. I’ve never seen my hair so defined and the definition lasts for a few days. I only use my daily spritz and re-twist every night.
  • The scent is amazing as well.
  • It does not leave any white flakes on my hair.
  • Its affordable.

I don’t really have any cons and I really recommend it.

Those were my July natural hair favorites, I’d like to know some of your favorites natural hair products.

Until next time,

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