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June 20, 2018


I cannot believe that its June already, halfway through the year. The year has gone too fast and I can still remember the 1st of January like it was yesterday.

So lets get to the review.

On the blog

I think I’ve been doing very well with keeping to my upload days if I can say so myself lol. Yet, in other weeks I just fall off the wagon lol but I am trying by all means to upload 2/3 times a week. With the scheduling, I’m still working on it but I do try to take bookstagram pictures over the weekend, of which I am so proud of lol.


I read quite a number of books these past 4 weeks and with that I think its possible for me to reach my reading goal this year. I don’t know how far I am towards that because I haven’t updated my goodreads in a while. These are some of the books I’ve read:

  • The Fatuous State of Severity
  • Captive
  • The CEO Next Door
  • The Rising Sea
  • Knucklebone
  • The Kite Runner

I am so proud that I even got to read a book that has been on my reading list for years (The Kite Runner). I have reviews for all these books, please do check them out if you’re interested.

Personal Goals and Moving Forward

I’ve been slacking a lot when it comes to working towards my goals for the year just because I’ve been super busy at work, hopefully the upcoming weeks are going to be productive.

I’d like to know how you’ve been and what has been going on in the past weeks? Have you been achieving/working towards your goals? Lets start the week on a new page and please do share some of your goals/reading plans for this week.

Until next time

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