The Kite Runner [Spoiler-free Review]

June 17, 2018

Today I finally have a review for a book that has been on my TBR for years lol. I don’t know why it took me this long to finally get to it or maybe it was the hype around it, I don’t know. Quick question: Do you guys procrastinate on reading a book because of the hype especially after the book has been released, or is it just me lol? I’d like to know, please leave a comment below.

Before I rant any further, lets get to the review.

Book Details

Title: The Kite Runner || Author: Khaledi Hosseini || Genre: Historical fiction || Published: 29 May 2003 || Pages: 343


The Kite Runner takes place in the 70’s in Afghanistan, following the protagonist; Amir a Pashtun boy with his friend Hassan a Hazara boy. These two are inseparable, and they were raised together in Amir’s father house. Hassan is Ali’s son, a servant for Amir’s father. One of the biggest struggles for Amir is learning to navigate the complex socioeconomic culture he faces, growing up in Afghanistan as a member of the privileged family yet not feeling like it. Growing up with Hassan, Amir felt like his father loved and preferred Hassan over him. With that jealousy starting to take place in Amir, we get to see how he deals with that and the lengths he’s willing to take to get his father’s attention. The story follows the main protagonist from an early age up until he’s old.

My Thoughts

The writing style was just perfect for me, I think I might have forgotten how good Khaled’s writing is. I enjoyed reading about all the characters and I was so invested in them.

Reading a book from a culture that I am not familiar with is always amazing. I get to learn a few things about that culture/country and how they do things.

The relationships in the story were just amazing and relatable. The challenges they went through were things that happen a lot in our families. The love they have for each other, was just great to read, even though these were not really perfect relationships it was amazing to read about them.

The story itself is breathtakingly-devastating, I was engaged and I wanted to know more. I felt like the length of the book was just enough to capture the events of the story.

Overall, this was a good book and I’d really recommend it or the other books by the same author.




“For you a thousand times over.”

“As far as I know, he never asked where she had been or why she had left and she never told. I guess some stories do not need telling.”

“There is a way to be good again.”

Those were my thoughts, I’d like to know your thoughts as well if you’ve read this book or any of the author’s books.

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Until next time, lets keep reading.

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