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June 9, 2018

Hello fellow booklovers,

I’ve been MIA from the blog and instagram the past week, I just wanted to take a break but I am back now lol. I have a review for a book I got from Pan Macmillan South Africa, so without any further ado lets get to it.

Book Details

Title: Knucklebone || Author: Nechama Brodie || Genre: Fiction || Format: Paperback || Pages: 274 || Publisher: Pan Macmillan SA || Published: February


Knucklebone follows the main character Ian Jack an ex-police officer, who is involved in an investigation for a housebreaking with former partner Reshma Patel. This is not an ordinary break in. During the break-in, one boy is killed and the other one is in hospital. In quest for what happened to the other boy, they discover about sangomas, which they know nothing about and they do not even believe in them. So now They are required to work with sangomas, in order to finish the investigation. During the investigation, they uncover links to a possible animal poaching and trafficking syndicate, things go from complicated to dangerous to downright evil. This book takes place in places around Johannesburg.


My Thoughts

Knucklebone tackles a topic we barely find in books, yet they are a reality in South Africa. Witchcraft is still part of our country and people are still affected by it, so it was good to find a book addressing these issues. From reading the book, it was clear that the author did a lot of research on these things in order to understand and write about them in a way that can be easily understood, which I adored. It was good having to read about sangomas and cops working together for the good.

The author did a very good job with the characters, I was so invested in them a lot. I enjoyed having to read and know more about them. The length of the book is perfect for the reader to be invested in characters yet still enjoy the story.

The writing is just amazing for me, its simple and I loved the way chapters are sort of divided based on topics it made it easier to understand what that chapter is about.

I also enjoyed the plot twists throughout the book, it propelled me even more to continue reading because I wanted to know more lol.

Overall, this was a good read and I’d really recommend it, if you are looking for something out of your comfort zone, fast-paced and action packed.




“Everything is real, Mr Jack. It all depends on what you want to see”

This book is available in almost all the bookshops in South Africa, so if you’re interested check them out. For my international followers, please check amazon.

Those were my thoughts, I’d like to know your thoughts as well if you’ve read this book or any of the author’s books.

Thank you to Pan Macmillan South Africa for sending me a copy.

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Until next time, lets keep reading.


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