The CEO Next Door: The 4 Behaviours that Transform Ordinary People Into World-Class Leaders || Review

May 25, 2018

“I never set out to be CEO. I always set out to be a good team member, a good colleague.” John Stumpf

I think most of us start our careers in this way, but some end up being CEOs. I received  a copy of this book from Penguin Random House South Africa. I was so intrigued by the topic because its a rare topic, thus I wanted to know more about it. Not that I am planning to be a CEO by I am intrigued to know how does one get to be a CEO.

Book Details

Title: The CEO Next Door: The 4 Behaviours that Transform Ordinary People Into World-Class Leaders || Author: Elena L. Botelho, Kim Powell, and Tahl Raz || Published: 6 March 2018 || Publisher: Penguin Random House || Publicist: Lauren Mc Diarmid || Genre: Self-help book || BuyThe CEO Next Door: The 4 Behaviours that Transform Ordinary People into World Class Leaders


This book is based on an in-depth analysis of over 2,600 leaders drawn from a database of more than 17,000 CEOs and C-suite executives, as well 13,000 hours of interviews, and two decades of experience advising CEOs and executive boards, Elena L. Botelho and Kim R. Powell overturn the myths about what it takes to get to the top and succeed.

What those who reach the top do share are four key behaviors that anyone can master:

  • they are decisive;
  • they are reliable, delivering what they promised when the promise it, without exception;
  • they adapt boldly, and
  • they engage with stakeholders without shying away from conflict.

Based on this breakthrough study of the most successful people in business, Botelho and Powell offer career advice for everyone who aspires to get ahead. Based on research insights illustrated by real life stories from CEOs.

Do you aspire to rise up through the organization and achieve your full potential? If the answer is YES, then this is the book for you.

My Thoughts

Firstly, I really liked the writing style (I know I always talk about this in all my reviews, but this is what makes sense to me when I review a book lol so bare with me.). This book is divided into 4 sections, of which are subdivided accordingly, making it much easier for a reader to follow through what that chapter is about.

Each chapter begins with a quote, which ties perfectly well with the theme of the chapter, that was enjoyable.

From the writing, its perfectly clear that a lot of research was invested towards this book, which was just amazing. Because, not only are they talking about flawless leaders, rather they reveal actual behaviours from the CEOs making it easier to learn.

At the end of each chapter we have “key takeaways”,  basically a summary of points from that chapter. This I found to be really thoughtful, as when you want to go back and re-read something, you don’t necessarily need to read the entire chapter, but you can go straight to the key points from that chapter.

Overall, I liked the book, its an easy guide to follow and I’d highly recommend it for every aspiring professional. You can learn a lot from this book.




“Everyone has a voice but not a vote.”

“When you are a leader, most things that go wrong are not directly your fault, but they are always your responsibility.”

“The language of leadership has to do with actions, not words; signals, not demands. Success is no longer your success. It’s your team’s.”

Those were my thoughts and I’d like to know yours if you’ve read this book and thank you again to Penguin Random House South Africa for sending me a copy.

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Until next time, lets keep reading.

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