Ready Player One || Review

April 15, 2018

I’ve heard nothing but good things about this book and its been on  my reading list for so long. The movie adaptation of this book is now out if I’m not mistaken and it was my plan to read the book before watching the movie. I’d like to thank Penguin Random House South Africa for sending me a copy.

Book Details

Title: Ready Player One || Author: Ernest Cline || Published: 16 August 2011 || Pages: 374 || Genres: LitRPG, Science Fiction, Utopian and dystopian fiction || Publisher: Penguin Random House || Publicist: Lauren Mc Diarmid


Ready player one takes place in the year 2045 whereby reality is now different. Most of the humanity now spends most of their time in a virtual world known as the OASIS. We follow the main protagonist Wade Watts who feels more alive in the virtual world than the real one.

The creator of the OASIS is dead and he decides to create a game for one person to take over his entire empire when they win the game. Whoever wins the game gets to inherit the vast fortune and control of the OASIS. After a few years, Wade finally cracks the first clue and now everyone becomes interested in the game again. This brings rivals who’ll do absolutely anything to get the price, even kill. This is a race and the only way to survive is to win.

My thoughts

  • I love the notion of the virtual world which is rare in books. I felt like it was perfectly executed and the author made it easier for the reader to engage with what was happening in the book. It was like I was playing the game along with the characters.
  • I really enjoyed the plot twist throughout the book, it kept me engaged and left me wondering what was going to happen next, which was motivation enough to keep reading.
  • The writing style was just perfect and the chapters were divided perfectly.
  • I really enjoyed the relationship, even though they didn’t know each other outside of the virtual world OASIS, but their friendship was amazing. It portrayed friendship in a good way.
  • Overall I enjoyed the book even though I felt like the first part of the book dragged a bit longer, but nonetheless it was a great read and I’d really recommend it. I am still planning to go watch the movie.



“Anyone smart enough to accomplish what they have should know better than to risk everything by talking to the vultures in the media.”

“The OASIS lets you be whoever you want to be. That’s why everyone is addicted to it.”

Those were my thoughts on ready player one. If you’ve read the book or better yet watched the movie, please do share your thoughts in the comments section.

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Until next time, lets keep reading.


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