Misled (The secrets we keep) || Review

April 7, 2018


I received a book from a South African self-published author Candice, in exchange for an honest review and that’s the book I am reviewing today.

Book Details

Title: Misled

Author: Candice J. Spammer

Publication Date: February 14, 2017

Pages: 132 pages

Buy Here: Misled


The story follows Sara and she has an encounter with her ex-boyfriend, Justin. They haven’t seen each other  for almost four years. We get to see how she deals with all the emotional turmoil brought back by seeing her ex-boyfriend. This is a story about love, heartache, mental illness and the secrets we keep. We follow her as her secrets are inevitably revealed. I don’t want to give out more details lest I spoil some stuff for you guys.

What happens when the past comes crumbling to your future?


My thoughts

  • Misled is beautifully written in a simplistic manner. You can easily relate to the characters, which was just amazing.
  • I enjoyed the way she unfolded the past to us. It makes you want to know more as the story flows from the past and the present. This was labelled very well at the beginning of each chapter, which made it easier to keep track of which part you’re reading.
  • This book addresses the issue of Bipolar Disorder and even though I don’t know much about it, I felt that it was executed perfectly. It was amazing to know that she wrote about something she suffers from herself and this made the story relate-able.
  • I enjoyed the friendship between Sara and her friend it was just amazing.
  • Overall I enjoyed the book.


Those were my thoughts on Misled, please do share your thoughts if you’ve read the book.

Until next time.

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