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March 25, 2018

The topic of anxiety is so taboo especially in the black community in South Africa. Its not talked about and nobody knows how to deal with it, which of course shouldn’t be the case. The issue of anxiety can be dealt with accordingly and this can only be done if we are aware of the measures that we need to take when faced with certain situations. There are a lot of organisations dedicated to deal with such and I think everyone needs to know about these.

When I heard about John Green’s new book, I was so excited to get my hands on it. I read the Fault in our stars by John Green and really enjoyed it, thus  I couldn’t wait to read his new book. Its one of those books I got a few weeks after being released but I had to wait for the hype to go down a bit because I wanted to read it in a fresh state of mind so that my thoughts might not be influenced by the hype.

“Anxiety is love’s greatest killer. It makes others feel as you might when a drowning man holds on to you. You want to save him, but you know he will strangle you with his panic.”
― Anaïs Nin

I’m sitting here today (Saturday night 24/03/2018) writing a review right after I completed the book, which is rare for me. I usually wait for like 2 or more days to write a review, but for this one I decided to write the review just after I finish so that I capture my thoughts as raw/fresh as they are. Before I rant any further lets get to the review.

Title: Turtles All The Way Down

Author: John Green

Genre: Young Adult Fiction

Published: 10 October 2017

Pages: 286

Turtles All the Way Down



This book follows the main character Aza Holmes, a 16 year old girl who suffers from the ever-tightening spiral of her own thoughts. A billionaire Russell Pickett is missing and an award of $100 000 is at stake. Russell is Davis’s father, Aza’s childhood friend. Daisy (Aza’s best friend) suggests that they try to find Russell so that they can get the reward.  So we get to see how that puns out as Aza is trying to deal with anxiety.

Can they solve the mystery and get the reward?

My Thoughts

  • Let us just take a moment to talk about John’s writing, its amazing. I think I might have forgotten how beautiful his writing is. I first read The Fault in our Stars and I adored the writing. I also read Paper Town which I adored as well. This book was beautifully written, in a simplistic way that keeps the reader engaged at all times.
  • I enjoyed reading about the characters, they were relatable. I loved watching each of them deal with Aza’s situation. I think the portrayal of how they dealt with it was amazing because these are teenagers and it was amazing to watch how they were so supportive and stood by Aza. But at times, they did not understand how to deal with her. It was amazing watching typical teenagers dealing with such a situation accordingly.
  • I enjoyed the relationships in this book, mother-daughter relationship was amazing to read about. Friendship between Aza and Daisy was just too cute.
  • I don’t usually get to read books about anxiety or OCD. I think this is a second book I’ve read. I really like the fact that I learn a lot of things about what really happens when someone is suffering with anxiety. It was a learning curve for me. At the beginning of the book I talked about how this topic is so taboo in the black community, which is wrong, I think a lot of awareness needs to happen surrounding this topic so that we can have an idea of how to deal with it.
  • Its a fast paced book and overall I really loved the book it was fantastic.



I really enjoyed this book, it was an informative read for me and I’d really recommend it.

5/5 stars



“Your now is not your forever.”

“Being vulnerable is asking to get used.”

“Every loss is unprecedented. You can’t ever know someone else’s hurt, not really.”


Additional material

At the end of the book, links to websites that can help with such cases have been included and these are the ones for South Africa:


Those were my thoughts and I hope they were somewhat helpful to you guys. I’d like to know your thoughts if you’ve read the book and if you haven’t, are you planning to? Also I’d like to know if you’ve dealt with someone with anxiety.

Until next time, lets keep reading.

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