March 13, 2018


Today we have another hair related post, yeaaahh!!

I get a lot of questions about the products I use on my hair. Thus, I decided to share my wash day routine and the products I use during the process.

My wash day routine is simple and I wash my hair after every 2 weeks, alternating between using shampoo and co-washing (using a conditioner). The only exception is when I have a protective hairstyle.

Before I start washing my hair, I make sure that my hair is de-tangled with the use of my fingers, to ensure that I avoid any hair loss during the process of washing. Once that is completed, I apply a bit of water to hair to make it damp then the shampoo. These are the shampoos I currently use.IMG-0333

I started using these when my hair was colored. These worked perfectly for my hair, in that state, thus I decided to continue using them. Shampoos tend to suck-out all the moisture, so I make sure that I get sulfate free shampoos and I only use shampoos twice a month. That is why I said I alternate between using shampoo and conditioner, because I don’t want my hair to be dry from excessive use of shampoo.

To massage my hair properly, I use a bristle brush which is gentle to my scalp and makes sure all the dirt is removed from my scalp.


If I’m not using shampoo  on my wash day, I only wash my hair using conditioner. The conditioner I’ve been loving is; Deep Treatment Masque and it smells amazing. I apply this to damp hair, cover with shower cap and leave it in for 30-45 minutes.


After that I pat dry my hair with a towel, I shy away from the use of heat to dry my hair. I just let it air dry for 10 minutes and then twist it. The product I use for twisting my hair is ORS curls unleashed, which I wrote a full product review here.

When I un-twist my hair, I use my daily spritz and then use my leave-in-conditioner to moisturize my hair. I’ve been loving this conditioner a lot. After that I can style my hair with any desired hairstyle.


I hope that was useful, I try to keep my wash routine as simple as possible and use a few products. Which products do you guys use on your wash day, please let me know?

Until next time, God bless you.


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