February 24, 2018


Hello you guys,

Today I decided to write my first ever book recommendation’s post. As this is my first recommendation, I decided to include only 5 books. These books are only the books I read last year, I am still planning to do an overall book recommendations which might be a longer list than this one. Without any further adjure, lets get to the list.

The Hate You Give By Angie Thomas


I know I’ve mentioned this book a lot, especially on my Instagram page. But anyways, its one of those books that stood out for me and I want everyone to read it. It follows the black lives matter movement, you can find my full review here. This book was optioned for a movie adaptation before it came out, so I am so excited to watch the movie (you can check out all the book to movie adaptations coming out in 2018).

The Six of Crows Duo-logy by Leigh Bardugo


I am obsessed with this duo-logy and the writer, she’s my favourite writer currently. I’ve talked about this duo-logy a lot on my Instagram page as well. I love the way she writes, and the way she writes her characters; its amazing. This duo-logy centers around a group of six-characters; on a mission to accomplish a dangerous and impossible heist (review here and here). These were amazing; the characters, plot twist was just perfect. Please do check it out if you are in need of some fun action packed read.

History is all you left me by Adam Silvera


This book follows the main character Griffin who has recently lost his first love in a drowning accident (full review here). This is a good read, that is honest and will make you shed a tear or two. This is an LGBT read and it was my first LGBT read which I enjoyed.. So definitely check it out.

We are Okay by Nina LaCour


It follows Marin who left everything behind and hasn’t spoken to anyone from her old life (full review). I think if you are in a reading slump and want to read something, this is the book for you. Its short, fast paced read, relatable and heart breaking.

Eliza and Her Monsters by Francesca Zappia

20171203_092526.jpgIt centers around the main character, Eliza Mirk; a shy, weird and friendless in the real world. yet online she is the anonymous LadyConstellation, the creator of a wildly popular web comic called Monstrous sea (full review). This was an interesting read that portrays perfectly what happens nowadays with regards to online presents. But anyways, its a fantastic read.

I hope this was helpful somehow, please don’t forget to leave some of your recommendations in the comments; I would like to know and add them to my tbr. If you’d like to see more of these recommendations, please let me know.

Until next time, be blessed.


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  1. peacedlamini says:

    Hi, there’s one book I wish you could read and later review.

    A friend of mine who recently was featured on The Blog For The Kids also recently published his first book, he had asked me as to review it. The book is called ‘Leading in a selfie generation’.

    Thanks for this awesome blog!

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