January 31, 2018

Hello Friends.

Today, I’m here with a book review; I know, I know I haven’t uploaded any reviews since December. This is my first book and review for the year 2018. I started this book towards the end of the year, but only read a few pages and stopped. I am sorry I have been failing to read anything, but I promise to get back to my groove next month.

Lets get to the review.


Title: Warcross

Author: Marie Lu

Originally published: 12 September 2017

Genre: Science Fiction


Warcross follows the main character, Emika Chen; a 18 year old girl living in New York City. She is not doing well in life, her father passed away and she’s really struggling with money. She makes money by being a bounty-hunter on Warcross, which is a virtual reality game. Everyone literally plays this game, its popular. With its popularity, a lot of people gamble and bet on games illegally. Therefore, the police set up a bounty for these gamblers and anyone can participate as a hunter and get money. Emika is good at hacking and coding. When the book begins, she’s after this bounty, in-order to get money for her rent, but she loses. She decides to hack the opening games of Warcross and the story pretty much takes off from there.


I loved the concept of a virtual game, its unique and I have never read something of that sort, it was amazing. Marie Lu made an effort to describe the game appropriately to the reader. Its easier to picture whats going on.

I love the diversity from this book, we have different ethnicity and also have a character who is disabled. The representation was so beautiful.

The characters are so realistic, they make mistakes which for me was great.

In terms of the writing style, it was perfect, simple and the pacing for me was just spot-on.

It was an interesting and fun read. I am not a huge gamer at all but I really enjoyed this book.


I didn’t understand some of the decisions the main character was making, to me they were just stupid.

It was too predictable for me, but I still enjoyable.



4/5 stars


“Every locked door has a key. Every problem has a solution.”

“Everything’s science fiction until someone makes it science fact”

“Everyone has a different way of escaping the dark stillness of their mind.”

“It is hard to describe loss to someone who has never experienced it, impossible to explain all the ways it changes you. But for those who have, not a single word is needed.”

Those were my thoughts about Warcross, if you’ve read it, please do share your thoughts.

God Bless you.

Until next time


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