October 16, 2017

Hello book-lovers!!

I usually get questions about why I read so many books, thus leading to this blog post. Today, I share some of the reasons why I love reading. I am kind of anticipating that, if you are reading this post, it probably means you love reading too LOL.


Below are some of the reasons why I love to read:

  1. Reading is portable and you can literally do it anywhere. You can read using an electrical device (i.e. cell phone, laptop etc.) and for that you might need electricity for charging. But if you have a paperback/hardback you can literally read anywhere (house, school, outside, coffee shop etc.). Its flexible, you don’t have to be in a certain place in order to read.
  2. It is something that you can do alone (read a book and think about it by yourself) and you can also read with other people (i.e. buddy reading, book club etc.). You can also read books and share with other people through YouTube videos, blog posts (as I am doing), and social media.
  3. Compared to other hobbies, it is quit inexpensive. You can buy second-hand books which are not expensive at all, you can borrow a book from a library, and you can also borrow from a friend (but please do return it so that others can also benefit LOL).
  4. Reading is relaxing. It reduces stress and I tend to get different emotions from reading (that’s just me hey LOL). I don’t end up thinking about a lot of things or what transpired from that day.
  5. It allows me to travel without actually going anywhere (this is common I know but true nonetheless). I get to learn a lot of things about different places or cultures without me having to be physically there. Reading is actually encouraging me to start traveling.
  6. It is a relatively simple skill that’s easy to learn and anyone can do it. It is not the same as a sport, it is much more accessible.
  7. Reading becomes a memory for quite some time in your life. You can relate with a lot of things whilst reading and those memories are engraved in you and every time you see or re-read the book, you’ll remember those emotions you had.
  8. There are different ways to read (audio/physical books)and you just need to pick one that is more suitable with you. I feel like this in not the case when it comes to other different hobbies.
  9. Reading has taught me so much.

There we go, those are the reasons I love reading, I am sure there are more reasons but those are the ones I could think off at the top of my head.  So, if you love reading please leave some of the reasons why you love to read in the comments section below.

Until I write again,


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4 responses to “WHY I LOVE READING? || 09 REASONS”

  1. hi! I love your write too. It’s so simple, especially for me who is not using English as my first language hoho. I want to know what books that you considered as life changing book for you? I think it’s fascinating to see others point of view 🙂

    • sthembilm says:

      Thank you. I am glad that you’re enjoying my writing style. There are so many books that I consider to be life changing for me, i.e. The alchemist, Year of Yes, Fervent, The Four Agreements, Big Magic etc (to mention a few that comes at the top of my head).

      • I already read Big Magic and The Four Agreements, and planning to read The Alchemist too. Currently I’m reading Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now in searching to quite my mind’s chatter 😂

        • sthembilm says:

          😅😅great. I have been planning to read The Power of Now for months now 😂😂 I’ll probably get to it sometime next yeah. I read the alchemist few year back and I am planning to re-read again next year. I hope you enjoy it…..

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