September 26, 2017

Hello fellow book lovers!!

In today’s post we review a South African debut Novel “The Yearning”, which has gained a lot of hype from the time it was released.


Author: Mohale Mashigo

Release Date: 2016

Page count: 187

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We follow the story of the main protagonist, Marubini. She grew up in Soweto, Johannesburg and now works at a wine farm in Cape Town. She spends a lot of her time with her friends. With that, a past secret is trying to work its way into Marubini’s life. So we get to see how she deals with the past as it uncovers.

What do you do when the past starts crumbling into your present life? Will Marubini be able to deal with the past? And how?


There is a lot of tradition and culture in this book which some of the aspects are things that I am familiar with but others are just way beyond my knowledge. But it was a good learning curve in understanding some of those things.

I really enjoyed the family dynamics in the story. The way parents, grandparents are involved in the bringing up of kids. It was amazing to watch because usually that how things are in most families. I also enjoyed that, none of the families are perfect, which for me portrays perfectly the dynamics of families in South Africa. I enjoyed reading the relationship between Marubini and her mother, grandmother and brother.

I enjoyed the romantic relationship in this story, it’s there, yet not the center of the story. It is captivating to watch the romance in the story as it progresses but it is not in our faces.

I was really captivated by how the story captures a South African normal life perfectly. I related to Marubini’s life a lot, she’s your normal girl.

We get to see the past and the present life of Marubini, this is written in different text. But at the beginning for me this was a bit confusing, because I would be reading something about the present life of Marubini and all of a sudden she’s talking about her past. But towards the middle of the book, I finally got to it. I think it might have worked perfectly if we got to see a chapter of the present life then the past (as separate chapters) so to run away from the confusion.

The writing style of this book is simple and understandable. I enjoyed the fact that Mohale didn’t shy away from the normal language used in townships.

The story is funny and sad at the same time.

The pacing of the book was a bit slow at the beginning and it picked up perfectly in the middle and I couldn’t put down at that point.

Overall I enjoyed the book and I would highly recommend it. Let’s support South African writers!!!


4.5/5 stars

Those were my thoughts on this book, If you’ve read it please leave a comment below about your thoughts.



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