August 25, 2017


Originally published: February 21, 2012
Genres: Young adult fiction
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It follows a story of 2 boys; Aristotle and Dante, who live in El Paso, Texas in the 80’s. Both of them are kind of loners, but one day they meet and become best friends. The story follows mostly Ari’s relationships as he grows and develops. The book starts when Ari is 15 years and ends when he is 17 years old, so we follow him through that period. Ari doesn’t know himself very well as yet and he is struggling with being a teenager. We also follow the development of his friendship with Dante.

The story is about love, friendship, sexuality, and family, discovering who you are and where you fit in the world.

My thoughts

Its truly one of the greatest books I’ve read. I genuinely cannot recommend this enough. Its a really good coming of age story. I was really captivated by how funny this book was, the relationship between Ari and his mother was just insane.

I was really surprised by how much this book was about family, being kind to yourself as well as to others. Ari is struggling to understand his family and some of the decisions they make, which makes it easier to relate to the characters because it is something normal for every teenager. To actually feel like their parents are against them or they do not understand them at all. I really enjoyed the family aspect portrayed in this book; they are different, supportive, real and understand each other. The writing style is simple yet perfect and its easy to follow along.

I would definitely recommend this to any one who enjoys ya contemporary. If you read Trevor Noah’s book and enjoyed the relationship between Trevor and his mother, then you’d definitely enjoy this one. The relationship between Ari and his mother is almost the same as the one of Trevor and his mom. This book is hilarious and emotional at the same time. I enjoyed it and it’s a quick read.


5/5 stars

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