August 21, 2017

Hello everyone, welcome back. I get a lot of questions about how I manage to read so much books. I tend to read maybe 3-5 books a month, you can check my July wrap-up here. I am not necessarily a fast reader and I don’t think I am doing anything particularly different from other readers out there. However, I am writing this post to inspire someone out there to improve the way they read and finish that book they’ve been meaning to. Bear in mind that, not everyone will benefit from these tips but it could be helpful to someone. So here are my tips:

  1. READING ROUTINE: I feel it’s really important to create a routine for yourself and stick to it, especially when you are just starting. Usually people would say “I don’t have time to read”, which I think it’s wrong. I was listening to a ted talk about how to gain control of your free time. Basically, the speaker is saying “I don’t have time means it is not a priority” and you can check it out here. I am not saying make it a priority, but I just want you to think about the usually saying of not having time to do something. Anyways, I read mostly in the morning (as I usually get up early) or in the evenings if I am not tired or busy with something else. I set up a timer for 30 minutes, and I end up completing a chapter. On weekends if I am free I do read during the day and set 30 minutes. I tend to get engaged in the book and maybe end up reading for an hour. So, you can start up with 15 minutes and see how it works out for you.
  2. RESEARCH: Pick up a book that would interest you. You can do this by checking good-reads and book reviews to check other reader’s rating. Don’t pick a topic/book that you are going to get bored whilst reading it. If you read a book that you enjoy and interests you, you will finish it faster. On the other hand if you force it, you won’t finish it or it might take you longer because you’re bored. So choose wisely!!
  3. DON’T READ WHEN YOU DON’T FEEL LIKE IT: If you do that, you end up not enjoying the book and reading becomes a chore. When it’s a chore, chances are you won’t do it often. So be excited about reading.
  4. READ MORE THAN ONE BOOK AT ONCE: Some people might find it difficult to do this, because they might have a hard time juggling between plot structures. I don’t have that problem e.g. right now I am reading 2 books and I am able to decipher them. Usually, I pick books that don’t have any kind of overlap. Like now, I am reading a self-help book and a novel about grief. These are entirely different and it is impossible to confuse them. With this option you can pick a book based on your mood.

I hope these tips were helpful enough to give you a little push towards the direction of reading more, so to say. Let’s be realistic though, find something that would work well with your schedule. If you have other tips/advise to share, please let me know by leaving a comment below.



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