Period Pain

July 18, 2017


Period Pain is about Masechaba, a young woman who suffers from severe bleeding that cripples and controls every aspect of her life. Thus, she couldn’t do a lot of things girls at her age were doing. She was constantly conscious of what might happen and the shame thereof. Masechaba embarks on a medical career in hope that she can convince her future colleagues/friends to remove her womb to stop her uncontrollable bleeding.

At the hospital where she’s working, she meets an outspoken, confident Zimbabwean friend named Nyasha and they end up staying together. This is a South African story, which takes place during the times of xenophobic attacks. Unfortunately, Masechaba undergoes a terrific experience and we get to see how she deals with it.

It was a very fast paced read. I would recommend it, but expect to shed a tear at some point.


I was sort of skeptical about the writing style, thus I gave it:

3.5 out 5 stars.

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Have you read the book, or any of Kopano’s books? What were your thoughts?

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3 responses to “Period Pain”

  1. […] Period Pain by Kopano Matlwa – To me, this book was something light and painful at the same time. My rating was 3.5/5 starts, and my full review is here. […]

  2. Omphile says:

    I read Coconut years ago. I need to go back to it – I did enjoy it though. I somehow do enjoy Kopano’s style of writing. I think it’s more of envy than anything – like I wish I could write the way she writes. Lol.
    I enjoyed Period Pain, I would also give it a 3.5 or 4 at the most, because I love Kopano. She touches on the most sensitive, thought provoking subject we as South Africans go through on a daily but we don’t get to talk about them. She’s a deep thinker one can tell. I respect her drive as a person as well, juggling being a mother of two, a wife, a medical doctor and still being able to make time to write books.

    • sthembilm says:

      I haven’t read coconut as yet but if you say its good, maybe I should probably get it soon. Are there any other South African books you can recommend?
      I totally agree with you, I really enjoyed the writing style and the way she addressed some of those issues.
      That is something I envy too lool. Sometimes when you see someone juggling all the things they enjoy, you can’t help but be proud of them especially as women we get motivated to at least try.

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