The life-changing magic of tidying up: The Japanese art of decluttering and organizing by Marie Kondo

April 24, 2017



When you have a very hard time keeping your home clutter-free, this book is for you. It teaches us a way to keep our homes clutter-free and helps with getting rid of things we do not use. Marie gives a few methods we can use during the process of tidying and how we can be organized. It’ll will even give you a glimpse of how your life will be transformed after the process of tidying. In one of the methods, Marie suggests that we only keep things that spark joy in our lives and discard the rest.

“Surround yourself with what brings you joy, to design the lifestyle you want.”

In this way, you’ll appreciate the things you have or choose to keep. I learned a lot from this book and this is listed below.

What I learned:

  • Always tackle categories, not rooms when tidying—e.g. tackle your clothes, books etc. this is to avoid things from creeping out from other rooms making it hard to discard.
  • Fold, don’t hang—when you fold you save a lot of space and Marie talks about a vertical folding technique which makes it easier to spot certain things.
  • Designate a place for everything so that you don’t end up creating a mess.
  • What you don’t need, your family doesn’t either.

I would really recommend this book if you are in the process of changing your life, by being organized and tidy.


I felt that some of the advice or methods she’s using are at times extreme.


I enjoyed the style of writing, which most of the times was funny and I also enjoyed the advice provided throughout the book.


4.5 out of 5


“A messy room equals a messy mind”

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