Perfect Daughter by Amanda Prowse

April 13, 2017




Perfect daughter is a story about a protagonists, Jacks Morgan who lives in Weston-super-Mare with her chaotic family – husband Pete, children Martha and Jonty and her mother, Ida. The daily mundanities of life are not exactly what she anticipated when she was younger and she can’t help but look back on all her dreams and wonder what if… how life would be if things had worked out differently. Perfect Daughter is a wonderfully told story about the opportunities life brings, the dreams and the choices, the mistakes and the regrets and most importantly, discovering what really matters in life. Jacks may not be living the life she always dreamed of but she is determined that her eldest daughter Martha will reach her full potential. However, when Martha gets a boyfriend, Jacks is terrified of history repeating itself and Martha making wrong decisions. Will Martha make the choices that Jacks wants?
A funny yet emotional novel about a mother whose dreams of the past keep trying to find a way through, I totally recommend it.


The biggest appeal for me was being taken back (throughout the book) in time to when Jacks was a teenager and with this we can see how different her life is to what she had planned.

I especially enjoyed how realistically written each character was and the characters were not perfect-instead there are people and situations we can identify with and relate to.


5 out of 5


“Selfish people are very hard to love”




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